Alistair DeVere, aka Alistair Blackwood, The Alchemist

Philosophy, freedom & the art of ruination.


Description: A man of middling size with the deeply tanned skin that only sailors and farmhands obtain. He keeps his black hair clustered loosely in a ponytail with a beard and mustache. He commonly wears boots, breeches and a shirt with a vest over it. The sleeves of the shirt seem perpetually rolled up and a pair of leather gloves are jammed through his belt. In inclement weather he produces both a brown, leather overcoat and a matching tri-corn hat.

He has a tattoo on the underside of his left forearm of a fully rigged ship, as well as a nautical star tattooed on the back of his right hand. Tattooed on either side of his chest are red and black swallows, representing his departure and return as a sailor. Over his heart, there is a tattoo of Saint Melosa Real, her hands clasped together in prayer and her head resting on his chest. Sometimes called the Great Mother, or Mother Melosa, she is famed for her exploration of scientific thought and invention. The swallow overlaps a portion of her image.

Age: 28

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Religious Acolyte, Student (City), Engineer (Seafaring), Pirate

Born to a family of wealthy merchants who made their fortune from trading with the Sparrow Isles; his mother is a native of the Isles giving him his olive skin and black hair.

1. The beauty of the world is in how things are made; I will invent something the world has never before seen but first I must find inspiration.
2. I grew up among Aedan’s family and remember well their kindness; I will help him enact his revenge by finding the murderers.
3. It is clear that the Kargs have knowledge beyond our own; I must unravel their mysteries to protect us against their secrets.

1. Always make sure my knife is coated with poison.
2. When questioned by a person of authority, never respond respectfully.
3. I am not a man who travels lightly; always have my tools nearby.

Geometric (+1D for Mathematics & Measurements)
It Just Might Work!
Missing Digits (Shortened Index & Pointer on Left Hand)
Problem with Authority
Rabble Rouser
Tonsured (Can perform religious ceremonies)

Will B4
Perception B6
Power B4
Forte B3
Agility B4
Speed B4

Mortal B9
Reflexes B4
Health B3
Steel B6
Hesitation 4
Circles B2
Resources B3

Alchemy B3
Arson B3
Artillerist B4
Carpentry B4
City-wise B3
Doctrine B3
Engineer B4
Herbalism B3
Inconspicuous B4
Knives B4
Map-wise B3
Mending B4
Munitions B5
Philosophy B2
Pirate Cove-wise B3
Poisons B4
Read B3
Scavenging B3
Sea-wise B3
Streetwise B3
Ugly Truth B3
Write B2

Reputations, Affiliations, & Relationships
“The Alchemist” (2D Reputation)
Affiliation with The Church (1D, from Tonsured)

Property & Gear
Munitions Workshop
Herbalism Toolkit
Travelling Gear
Clothes & Shoes

Armor & Weapons
Knife (x2): B3/B5/B7, Add 1, VA 0, Shortest
Gambeson (Torso, Arms)


Alistair DeVere, aka Alistair Blackwood, The Alchemist

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