Aedan "Hammerhand" of Arondel

Landless knight bent on revenge.


NAME: Aedan of Arondel
CONCEPT: Landless knight bent on revenge
STOCK: Human AGE: 31
LIFEPATHS: Born Noble, Page, Squire, Knight, Strider

DESCRIPTION: Aedan is a tall, athletic young man with rough-shorn brown hair and blue-gray eyes. His complexion is fair, though his face and hands are tanned by the sun and exposure. His features are pleasant and somehow patrician, but his expression is usually very serious, and when he thinks no one is looking at him, somewhat haunted. He is a man of few words, but usually very polite without a trace of obsequiousness.
Most often he wears his full suit of chain armor, covered by a long surcoat, usually plain black or dark green, with a black cloak as well. A broad leather belt holds a long sword at his left hip, and a large Highland dirk at the right in matching shagreen scabbards. His knightly shield is also plain black, without blazon. When he cannot wear his armor he dons plain tunic and pants under a padded gambeson, and usually the surcoat and swordbelt. He complements these with stout leather bracers and boots. The clothes are of simple make and unadorned, though cut in the styles knights and nobles of the realm usually wear. The armor, weapons, and leather accouterments are of the highest quality, and scrupulously mantained. His steed is G├╝thwine, a dapple-grey stallion 16 hands at the shoulder, with dark grey mane and tail.

STATS: Will B4, Perception B4, Agility B4, Speed B5, Power B4, Forte B5

ATTRIBUTES: Health B6, Reflexes B4, Steel B7, Hesitation 6, Stride 7, Resources B4, Circles B2

SKILLS: Armor Training , Brawling B4, Conspicuous B2, Crossbow B2, Etiquette B3, Field Dressing B3, Foraging B2, Forest-Wise B2, Hunting B2, Intimidation B3, Knives B3, Lance B4, Mounted Combat Training , Observation B3, Orienteering B4, Persuasion B3, Read B2, Riding B4, Shield Training , Survival B3, Sword B6, Tactics B2, Tracking B3, Write B2, Climbing B0, Stealth B0

PTGS: Superficial B3, Light B6, Midi B7, Severe B8, Traumatic B9, Mortal Wound B10

1- Despite the destruction of my home, I am still a knight of the realm.
2- I must assist in the defense of Avanale. Performing well in the melee will be crucial to gain support.
3- I shall do my best to persuade the Duchess of Summerfield of the threat the Karg represent.

I will not let the weak or helpless be abused in my sight.
I shall arise with the dawn to practice my craft.
I have no need for finery, but my arms, armor and horse are my life.

Open and Honest (CT)
Fortitude (CoT, Call-on trait for Forte)
Mark of Privilege (DT, 1D affiliation in the nobility, +1Ob to falsehood/Insconspicuous when masquerading as someone lower than his station.)
Sworn Homage (DT, 1D affiliation in the nobility, Owes fealty to the king.)
Thousand Yard Stare (DT, Reduce hesitation against pain, violence, and intimidation by 3, increase hesitation against surprise and wonderment-like spell effects by 2. May not Run and Scream. )
Tough as Nails (Not required to make Steel tests for pain,exhaustion, or deprivation. )
RELATIONSHIPS: Owen the Smith, Roderick of Ironbark
AFFILIATIONS: Nobility (2D), Bandits of the Woods (1D)
REPUTATION: Hammerhand (1D)
PROPERTY: Small Business: Owen’s Smithy
GEAR: Run of the Mill Weapons, Run of the Mill Heavy Mail, Gambeson, Warhorse, Clothes, Traveling Gear, Shoes
ARMOR: Heavy Mail (or Gambeson), Heater Shield
WEAPONS: Long Sword, Dirk, Lance
Also carries his father’s sword, never uses it.


Aedan "Hammerhand" of Arondel

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