The Eveniss Church, aka The Church

Many generations ago when this religion became relevant and sought to make a place for itself, it did so among a handful of other faiths. In those days, it had a handful of names including: The Founder’s Faith, The Eveniss Church, and The Church of the All-Father.

Over time, it grew to incorporate many aspects of the other faiths, growing in popularity and size. Today, its preeminence is a matter of known fact. It is simply referred to as “The Church” and while other faiths might exist in small, scattered pockets they are generally seen to be heretics or uninformed heathens that can be saved.

The Church’s primary symbol is a circle, divided in half by a vertical line:


At different points in its history, the church has displayed the two halves of the circle in different colors but the most popular depiction today is to display them with white.

The left side of the circle represents the Father or All-Father, the right side represents the Mother or Mother Melora, and the line represents the Holy Judge. In more common terms, the Father represents emotion and passion, commonly associated with the warrior arts and nobility. Mother Melora originally represented the arts, but as the Universities have grown, she has come to also represent science, innovation and critical thinking. The Holy Judge is generally accepted to represent man’s ability to govern his two halves – emotion and reason. In the religious stories where the Holy Judge appears, it is almost always as a flash of inspiration or moment of wisdom displayed by the protagonist instead of a being.

The Eveniss Church, aka The Church

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